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If you will become A KING ON WORLD for one day what you will do?

if you will become A KING ON WORLD for one day what you will do?

FOR MY SELF I WILL remove war from this world and spread love everywhere.

what you will do… share and enjoy…

I will make everyone read my Forum posts out loud and they will have to act like they like them!

I would make you the queen :wink:

I will own this forum as a mod and do some cleanup :slight_smile:

Reply to @kay2809: do you have time delivering gig to own this forum as mod?

Reply to @safwan: hehe are you sure…

Reply to @abidagfx: What do you mean ? 8-|

I will punish all those people who capitalize sentences on forums for emphasis and overuse ellipsis and exclamation marks. Why can’t you just fucking stop?


Reply to @kay2809: i mean that you are busy person in your gigs. do you have time to manage the forum?

Reply to @aakarsh1997: And the award for best anger management goes to…

Change how long a “day” is :wink:

king be also wizard?:))

What do you mean by becoming a king for one day. I am already a KIng. :wink:

Reply to @ryan9999: Oh really ? :slight_smile:

Reply to @abidagfx: I wouldnt say it if I wasnt sure. :slight_smile:

I will extent my power for lifetime. Then I will make the world a heaven.

You write as though you gave someone the power!

Reply to @abidagfx: Do you have any doubts? :slight_smile:

i will gather all graphic designers and ask themto teach me everything they know :slight_smile:

Reply to @googlumooglu: Nice… and your username is also nice Googlu Mooglu