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If you work on Fiverr, you will get orders or you won't. There is no middle ground

Fiverr is a good way to start his business as a freelancer. This is my first online freelancer site. I just have got few orders here. Now I am working for several freelancer companies. I earn money from those sites. The problem is I haven’t got any order for 45 days.

  1. Is there any error on my gigs?
  2. Don’t people like to give there orders for a girl?

You already got several answers to your second question on another thread. You apparently haven’t noticed how many Top Rated Sellers are women. It rarely has anything to do with gender. You don’t need to write multiple forum posts on the same or very similar topics. One post is enough.

As far as errors on your gigs, that is probably more likely to be your problem.

-Your profile photo doesn’t inspire trust, especially for people looking for professional services. You would be much better off with a real businesslike photo of yourself or a nice unique logo.

-Your gigs are all in areas that have a lot of competition. You might want to consider where your real personal talents are and try to advertise some gigs that are either unique or written in a person unique and personal way. Show samples of work you have really done, not things you copied.

-Your gig descriptions are plain and also look like they may have been copied from someone else. Write something yourself, write it well or get help from a friend who writes well and I would suggest not introducing yourself by what appears to be your last name.

Women compared to men gets more order as they are easy to deal with and they speak soft and kind words and can keep temper with any kind of customers. I have 3 girls in my team and they rock and 70% of the profits that we make are by their work and communication :slight_smile:

Yes the gender is not the reason for sure. Further more I also agree with @fonthaunt and @sunshy1 that buyers would be more interested to deal with female seller than male, so don’t worry about that.

Instead check suggestions from @fonthaunt and tweak with the gigs. Start with the profile photo.