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If Your 'Contact Me' Responses Suck, So Do You!

Good grief, people!

I’ve been scouring Fiverr as a buyer, in search of a great press release writer. However, after spending at least an hour or so looking over various press release writing gigs and reaching out to sellers, I must conclude that there really aren’t any great press release writers here. Why? Well, my conclusion is largely in part to the fact that the responses I am getting from a majority of sellers I contact are riddled with spelling and/or grammatical errors, uninterested in tone, and don’t even completely address my original enquiry.

Bottom line: If your ‘Contact Me’ responses suck, so do you!

Why in the world would I want to waste even $5 on someone who cannot properly respond to a simple enquiry? Why would I want someone who has little interest in selling me on their gig to attempt to help me garner the interest of journalists and readers for my company or project?

If you do not put 100% into every aspect of your work, including responding to buyer enquiries, then you aren’t even worth someone’s $5. There is A LOT of competition on this site, due to its very nature, and you’ve got to be able to demonstrate that you’re a competent professional, more so than your competition.

And what more, this is Business 101 stuff! Come on, people!!

UPDATE: Since folks are CLEARLY getting hung up on the $5 point. I used $5 to emphasize my actual point (The site is literally called Fiverr), which is that the quality of the responses I am getting are such crap that I wouldn’t even be willing to pay $5 for that seller’s work.


I reckon that all the above will probably never happen for just $5. True competent professionals will most likely charge a lot more than that, especially when the risks involved for you in regards to your company are high as well, and the job requires attention to details and is sensitive by nature.

So I, myself, wouldn’t expect true professionalism and such dedication/commitment for just $5. I don’t see that happening, ever. Maybe I’m wrong.

But I admit, I’ve seen a lot of totally unrelated seller quotes on buyer requests, and some will probably send offers as fast as possible before anyone else does just to be the 1st one, making them even more irrelevant and completely unsuited.


The response received is often linked to the initial message sent and the services sought. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you’re trying to source a talented press release writer who is also willing to craft a sales pitch in response to your query, all for the price of $5?


I indicated $5, because that’s the marketing angle Fiverr uses. That said, most all of the gigs I’ve examined are over $5 (most are $50 or more).

It’s a matter of pride and self-worth. Perhaps I was raised differently, but I ALWAYS give it my all. I take pride in whatever I am doing with MY hands, because it speaks to caliber of person that I am.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working a drive-thru window or a performing surgery, great service is expected of you in either case.

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As far as I remember, Fiverr has become a “gigs starting at $5” thing - it’s moved from the $5-only a long time ago :slight_smile: So they don’t use that $5-only angle for a while if I remember correctly.

And I wouldn’t give my all for $5, even if the competition was fierce. I would give only a fraction of my best at that starter price.

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You’re entirely wrong.

If you haven’t guessed on your own, I have a mastery of the English language. I am a writer, blogger, and an ESL teacher. I have written numerous press releases over the years, but find something awkward about writing them for my own purposes.

I already have a pitch in place. I have a brand. I just need someone who is competent enough to take the information I give them and carefully weave an interesting press release.

Again, as I have already stated in reply to another user, the $5 was just a placeholder amount. I never indicated that’s what I was looking to pay.

What is your hang-up on the $5, dude?

You’ve totally missed the point of my entire post, which is why I would NEVER hire you for anything. You obviously don’t pay attention to detail.

I wasn’t the only one hanging up on the $5. That’s how me and someone else here understood from the way you’ve written your post :wink:

You don’t need to be aggressive nor defensive. I’m a friendly here :slight_smile:


You misunderstood my message. The sales pitch referred to was the highly interested response you were expecting from sellers.

I know for a fact that there are many talented writers on the platform, as I’ve previously worked with a few of them. I would be interested to know what your request to sellers was to receive such a negative response. You do come across as slightly aggressive, perhaps you’re pitching yourself as an undesirable client?

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Well, you and someone are both in the same boat then- unable to pay attention to detail.

If you understand “Why in the world would I want to waste even $5 on someone who cannot properly respond to a simple enquiry?” (even being the keyword) to mean “I only want to spend $5,” then you demonstrate a you’ve a problem with comprehension of simple English. I am not trying to offend you or anybody. I teach English (ESL), and my young students (5-12) wouldn’t have mess that one up.

To me, “even” includes $5, and then you also mentioned that Fiverr uses the $5 marketing angle, so to me it sounded like a lot of emphasis being put on the $5.

Please don’t do this. If you’re not trying to offend me or anybody, why would you say such a thing that obviously offends?


Attention to detail.


I seem aggressive here, yes.

Then again, this is “The Ranting Pot”…

Rant intransitive verb: to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner

Rant transitive verb: to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion

Here’s the original message I sent out to sellers (they all got the same message):

Greetings! I am in need of a quality and very creative press release, which ties in my emerging cause-focused indie publishing company and my personal Gofundme campaign. It might be a bit tricky, but I am wondering if it is something that’s in your wheelhouse. Please allow me to explain.

The campaign’s purpose is to help me raise $85k to cover debts and bills, as I try to bounce back from a rough patch. The pitch I used for my campaign is “help a helper now.” I’ve always had a servant’s heart, which is one of the reasons I am always having to start all over again, because I am willing to drive myself into debt and give up my own success to help someone else in need. A unique aspect of my campaign strategy is that each day I record a cappella covers of jazz standards and blues songs appropriate to my personal cause (largely from the 20’s & 30’s), and then post them on my Youtube channel and as updates on my campaign page.

Then, there’s Zoe’s Publishing, my brand new indie publishing company whose primary mission is to “inspire lifelong adventure,” which is accomplished through scholarships and special project grants. Our target demographic is at-risk/impoverished children and young teens, and we are working towards a global reach, as our resources will be made available worldwide. This is one of my primary reasons for wanting to raise the $85k, so that I can get back on my feet and seriously focus on Zoe’s Publishing. The campaign and press release will also drum up some much needed buzz for my company too.

Indeed, you have found two errors in my forum responses.

However, if those were professional responses to you or anyone else, they would have been caught and corrected.

However, AGAIN, you are overlooking the entire point of my original post in your feeble attempt to straw-man me.

It is the ranting pot, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything here. From the Forum rules:

Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr won’t tolerate abusive behavior, such as members bullying or harassing other members. We do not tolerate users who engage in targeted abuse or harassment towards other users on Fiverr. This includes baiting other forum users to start a conflict.

Controversy or entertainment is OK, but not hate speech or calling users/staff/CS a derogatory name. Extreme violations may result in account bans without warning. Don’t bash Fiverr, Moderators or Customer Support.

We understand that there is some teasing and some honesty, but there is no need to call other people names or refer to people as dumb or wrong because they don’t say what you think or don’t agree with you.


While I agree with you on a lot of your OP, I find your attitude a bit rough to deal with, considering the responses (on this post) are polite and friendly. You should be aware that there are quite often rants like yours posted on the forum where the Buyer has been seeking something totally unreasonable for $5 - like yesterday, someone was complaining about how awful Fiverr was etc and it turned out they were asking for approx 6 hours of work for $5…

The Ranting Pot category is somewhere you are permitted to rant about something, not to rant, rave or be aggressive towards other people.

If you are willing to spend $80-120 on a press release writer, you can PM me and I can commend someone to you.


Dude your rage is poking holes in your expertized grammar. Try calming down and changing your attitude. This seems like vitriol.

I do voice overs, and I sell on different platforms and the base price on those platforms is $80 per minute. Though people like you still come on Fiver and ask for “voice over + accompanied royalty free music + female accompanied vocal + a 3-minute script” and expect to pay $20 for it?

You stressed your “it wasn’t about the $5 dollars bit” but change your approach.

Getting on here insulting people is counter productive, I am sure myself and a lot of people can attest to the high level of quality talent that exists here. Swallow your frustration. Try again. Or leave Fiver.

The previous post is right, maybe the problem is you. Most if not all people on here are friendly, and willing to go the extra mile for a customer within reason.



And I haven’t demonstrated abusive or harassing behavior. Nor have I bullied anyone.

I am trying to make a point, which you keep blowing up with your off-topic remarks. If my straight-forward tone hurts your delicate feelings, then please feel free to excuse yourself. I understand that, as a soldier, I can seem “aggressive.” I am just trying to make a simple point that something as simple as a response to a buyer enquiry is just as important as the end-product you may be delivering to them. That’s all.

So far you have been aggressive in your comments, excused your aggressive comments as “this is the ranting pot”, accused someone of being over delicate and then finally suggest that you are not aggressive but that it may SEEM like you are because you are a soldier.
When everyone around you says you are being aggressive and you have gone through 3 contrasting explanations in the space of a couple of minutes, it may be time to rethink your position.

I am going to retract my offer of commending someone, I just dont think you and her would be a good match.


Oy! I seriously feel like I am talking to a wall…

The point I am trying to make is in regards to people taking more pride in their own work, no matter what they’re being paid for it.

For example, and I’ve already used this one…a drive-thru worker and a surgeon. One is, obviously, getting paid a lot more than the other. However, both workers need to be on point. Why? Well, let’s say a drive-thru customer has a serious onion allergy, so they order a burger with no onion on it. If the drive-thru employee has an attitude that demonstrates that they don’t have to be as on point as the surgeon, because they don’t earn what they think they should be earning, then they might very well mess up an order and send an unsuspecting drive-thru customer to see the surgeon.

It’s a matter of pride in one’s work, and that shouldn’t be based on a dollar amount.