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If your gigs start getting less than 5 star rating, would you leave Fiverr?


I was wondering how many sellers would throw in the towel if there gig rating started to go down because of ARS? Would your leave Fiverr or just delete the gig or would you do something else?

I don’t think complaining to CS will get you anywhere, so what would you do?


If my sales dramatically decrease because of it, then I will leave in a heartbeat!


Today, my first gig has reduced from 5.0 to 4.9.

No big deal you might think, only every feedback on this gig is GLOWING.

My only crime? Not delivering soon enough (despite delivering a whole day early).

Yes I too would, and am planning to leave ASAP.


Reply to @kissreviews: I also think same. But I have hope somewhere in me that Fiverr officials will listen to the sellers’ issues regarding that and will reinstate Thumbs Rating.


Reply to @bestinmarket: I just took a look at the newest comments on Fiverr’s Blog and they are getting blasted from all angles. And yet they’ve given no response. Are they waiting for their Monday morning meeting or what?

I’m hopeful, too, but it’s gradually fading due to their lack of communication.


I would def. start looking elsewhere… especially if I’m getting docked for delivery timeframe. After all, there’s a real good reason my timeframe for the popular rewrite gig being 29 days. If Fiverr would have implemented a system that increased the timeframe for multiple gigs, I wouldn’t have had to do it myself… But, of course, that would mean Fiverr admins and CS were actually listening to us… which is obvious they are not…

You know… I was heated before on this topic but the more and more I think about it, the more P.O.ed I get… I feel like I did at the newspaper business, which really sucks! I hate that feeling… and it’s getting to be no longer fun to write… I blame this on Fiverr’s new star rating…

Buyers, if you cannot understand WHY my delivery timeframe is so long… please move on! I don’t need the stress and headache of you asking me every day or every other day, when your order is going to be complete. If you want it faster, PAY FOR IT! And, don’t dock me because I can’t get to it sooner… Life happens - I have an outside job, I have a large queue and I have a family… I have to find time to fit this in just like I do with the gym…

I’m generally up at 4 a.m. every morning and in bed by 9 p.m. to work for ya’ll, take care of my family, do my job and go to the gym. If you can’t understand this, then please don’t order my service! I don’t need the added stress and headache the responsive star is going to give me.

I don’t want to rush any of my orders so quit asking me when you’ll get your order. You’ll get it before the 29 days is up…


Reply to @emeraldawnn: Wow…great comment.


At this point, I think I would use the Custom Offer tool that isn’t rated.


Reply to @kjblynx: keep up updated.


I am running my gigs for fun. When it no longer becomes fun, color me gone.


I would.

Most of what is sold here is custom work, specially crafted for each buyer. And I think that’s what Fiverr just doesn’t quite understand. Every review feels personal because it’s your work, your face, your talent, your voice being criticized on a microscopic level. We’re not talking about quarterly evaluations here. These reviews roll in multiple times a day–sometimes on $5 work that was completed a year ago. And that’s not fun. And when it’s not fun, $4 isn’t worth it.

I don’t want to be rated on a star system. I just don’t.


I possibly would. I never have my eggs in one basket. Right now though I’m looking for something specifically to replace the Fiverr income.

So far I’ve been lucky to have four 5-star ratings.


Reply to @fayestap: I was thinking about how some work is subjective (I hope I’m using the right word). What I mean is that 1 + 1 = 2 so if you put it equals 3, it is wrong. While Art work, writing, voice overs, etc isn’t a matter of right or wrong but what is acceptable depends on the person, not the work done. I may look at a picture and think “wow that is great” and another person could look at it and say “it’s ok, but not my cup of tea”. So ARS is more of a critic tool than a tool to measure if you are doing everything you said you will do in the gig description. You could do everything you say you would, and still get a 2 or 3 star just because that’s all they will give. Stinks.


Reply to @steveeyes: You are spot on. Too many variables it isn’t even funny.


I would figure out what I’m being rated down on, and then try to improve my service.


Reply to @typingservice: At the moment, you don’t have access to those individual stats.

For example for a gig you delivered, you get 4 stars for Communication – 5 stars for Expectation and 3 stars for Recommendation.

For that individual gig you will see the overall average from the 3 star rating, but you won’t know which one had 4 stars, which one had 5 stars and which one had 3 stars.

Good luck.


What I see is an individual average for each - Communication with Seller, Service as Expected, and Buy Again or Recommend. If I see lower ratings in any of those areas, it may be something I can improve upon. For example - if Service as Expected is 4 stars, and the other two are 5 stars. Then I may want to look at my gig descriptions to see if I’m setting the right expectations. That’s all I’m trying to say. If I had my way, I would probably prefer the thumbs up or thumbs down system. Although, I’m pretty easy going for the most part. When I’m not in control, I usually just try to find ways to adapt. Overall, I really like Fiverr and think this is an awesome site to sell on.


Reply to @typingservice: Point taken. But if all of a sudden I see an overall rating of 4 stars for Expected, I may scratch my head and ask “I wonder which gig(s) it was I did not do as expected” Unless I know that, it is hard to know what I did wrong so I can improve upon it.


Only if I lose my levels. My buyers actually said they don’t care in regards to rating, as no matter what I offer they know for a $5 to $200 value, when other places charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars they’re still getting a good deal. Now if I lose my levels because of it, that’s when I would probably pack up and leave. I was thinking of leaving previously, but if my levels aren’t effected it won’t really impact my sales. There is some gigs with many numerous bad feedback, but yet still get volumes of sales.


Dear friends,

This is a newly created graphic design gig.

I also had a hard time last few days …