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If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]

Guys, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again…

Impressions are NOT a good way to determine the success of your gig.

We all know by now that there is a Fiverr bug that has erased the impressions listed for your gigs (yes, Fiverr knows about it, and is working on it). Please be patient, and please stop complaining about it. Stop responding as if the sky is falling, or the world has come to an end. Impressions say very little about the success of your gig. In fact, when it comes to success, impressions are a relatively USELESS statistic.

For those that don’t understand, let me explain: an impression is registered any time a search engine page is loaded that features your gig’s gig image. Since there are 48 gigs listed on each page load (before you click the “Load More” button at the bottom), all 48 of those gigs receive ONE impression. Refresh the page, and another impression will be registered for each of those 48 gigs.

Impressions do NOT mean success.

The only thing impressions tell you is that someone loaded a page in the Fiverr marketplace that featured your gig as one of the 48 gigs on a page (more if they click the “Load More” button). Yay, someone saw your gig in a list of 48 other gigs! Not so fast. An impression doesn’t say anything about YOUR gig. In fact, that search page could have been loaded for any number of reasons, most of which probably have very little to do with YOUR gig.

Here are some reasons that you might get an impression:

1.) – A buyer might be looking for a completely different kind of gig, and your gig just happens to be on that search page. If this is the case, they’re probably not going to even going to look at your gig. They don’t care. They might skip over it completely.

2.) – The buyer did a search for your gig’s keyword, and your gig showed up on the page. That’s good, right? Maybe. Truth be told, more often than not, that doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to look at your gig. Your gig just showed up on a list, that’s all.

3.) – Someone clicked on the category page of your gig in the Fiverr marketplace. Maybe they are just seeing what’s out there. Maybe they’re just curious. Again, this doesn’t mean that they will stop and take a look at your gig.

If you want to gauge the success of your gig in the Fiverr search engine, pay attention to the CLICKS statistic. This means that someone saw your gig in the list of 48+ gigs and actually clicked on it. This click took them to your gig page. THAT is a success statistic! They liked your gig, and they want to learn more.

Forget the impressions, pay attention to the clicks! You want as many clicks as your can get. Clicks could mean success!

If your gig isn’t getting clicks, then you can start to worry. Low clicks means that you need to improve your gig and make it more attractive. Capture the attention of buyers, and they are likely to take an interest in your gig.

Once you capture their attention, then the Orders stat comes into play. Above all, you want orders. But you need to have an attractive gig – written in proper English. If you don’t have a professional, attractive, valuable gig, written in spectacular English, then you’re probably not going to get any orders.

Show buyers that you care. Treat your gigs like a business.

If your gigs don’t look professional, if buyers can’t even read what you write, then don’t expect any orders. If you don’t care to be the best at what you do, buyers aren’t going to care about buying from you. Be professional. Look like you care. It’s as simple as that.

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Thank you for this @jonbaas

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You’re welcome.

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I feel like this needs to be seen by more new users on Fiverr. How might that be achieved?


Thanks for the tips!

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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So true. I had one of my gigs end up on the app as a primary gig. I got a million impressions in a week. But they weren’t real. Clicks is where the money is. If you are getting lots of clicks and no sales, then you need to look at your gig.

Is the description clear and concise?
Are your samples good?


This is an excellent example. Thank you for sharing!


Nice article.
Right now I have 0 impressions on all my gigs for last 7 days. But my bad luck, I’m not even getting any orders. I’ll just wait more :smiley:

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Thanks for this example, hopefully we can all get a buzillion impressions in week too and clicks :smiley:

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Hi, yes just wait more - impressions/clicks are coming, you’re a level 1, so sales should be coming soon, plus your ‘personal keylogger’ gig looks top notch mate, nice work!!! :smiley: Does it work as well as it sounds?

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Cool idea to sell a keylogger for just $5.
There is a bug right now for impressions so you are probably getting them but it does not show you are.


Thanks so much for sharing.

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You’re welcome. I’m glad to be of service.

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Another reason why you may get “phantom” clicks is if you post on the Forum. People often check the author of a post or comment. If someone says something that is actually interesting then I usually click on them to see what they do.
I noticed that I got a lot more impressions and my conversion rate plummeted when I had some Forum posts that were pinned to the top.


This talk is important, thank you.

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Impressions 	Clicks 	Views 	Orders 	Cancellations 	
     3.5K 	         114 	        245 	         20 	                   5 % 

Dropped drastically, and it keeps dropping. But it doesn’t affect my sales though. Sales keep coming in but the table above keeps dropping… Not bothered though since its a technical issue. impressions already rose to over 10k before

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That’s a good point. I hadn’t thought of that.

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Thank you share this details.

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Oh i so much love this write up

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