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If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]


Hi… Its just fabulous point. i didn’t notice this thing ever in my mind. Thanks for your tip mate… Actually you are right, impressions are not so important than the Clicks. Good information. Thanks Again !! CHEERS!!!


is it just me or has anyone else s impressions clicks and view have just stopped. i don’t know whats going on i might just be really shit at Fiverr selling


Great Talk! Was Helpful. Thank You!


I’m not sure, but I think the Fiverr blog has some mention of how to suggest a post or other content piece be featured on the blog. Sometimes Fiverr also mentions good forum posts on Twitter. You could write to CS or to the community email and suggest a promo.


You’re welcome!


You’re welcome. I’m glad it was helpful. :slight_smile:


Thanks BOSS for such a nice sharing


That’s great to hear! I’m happy to help!


Thank, it was an great shot :slight_smile:


Thank you for giving such a good post .


Great sharing :slight_smile:


Nice Post…


Thanks for the explanation.


Thank you. I didn’t know that.



Thanks for the great advice! As a new Fiverr, I really appreciate all of the insight that I can get!


Thanks for great info


You’re welcome. I’m glad that my post was helpful!


Thanks for help :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing, i am going to apply it on my gigs.