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If your sales suddenly drop


Yes Its Happens Its happens with me also…


Since 3 weeks ago, my sales almost 0 everyday.


Hello laurajeanne! You have an order in your best selling gig queue, and one for your lottery gig. I hope it gets better for you!


It appears as a gig in queue but actually its empty. It has been like this since months ago :slight_smile:


Have you been editing your gigs much? I always had the impression you had lots of orders. Are you getting many impressions? or views?


Impressions & Views has dropped since end Nov. Didn’t edit my gig much but I suspect something is not right as its the worst in my history in Fiverr :slight_smile:


I’ve found if you change one little thing suddenly everything stops and it may take over a month to get back on track.


Wow, okay. Thank you :slight_smile:


We all need to stick together and help each other in our section. There is more than enough business for all of us. I hope you consider this offer in the spirit of mutual regard it was intended. :slight_smile:


Yes. Agree. You have been very active here since years ago and I respected you for it. :slight_smile:


yes agreed! prefect say’s… Thanks


zeus777 agree


well said :smile:.thinking is good


Same to Me:disappointed_relieved:


Great! In most cases people don’t try to accept the truth.


Thank you for sharing experience :relaxed:


You are right. We cannot rely 100% on fiverr.


I love this post :slight_smile: Everyone will :slight_smile: Thank you @zeus777


Now it is too hard to getting orders.


The same its happening to me since I became first level seller about 2 months ago.
I changed my gigs content and pricing evaluation. People text me but no orders, cannot understand this whats going on.