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If your sales suddenly drop


I hope the sellers offering smaller jobs are aware that Fiver’s 100% increase in the hidden ‘service’ fee will very likely cause a decline in sales.


good speach,I also agree with your opinion


Yes It happens!! And it is happening now with me. One of my unique gig changing skin color white to black was earning good no of orders regularly and all of a sudden it stopped for past one month no orders.
I am not doing anything just waiting for orders to Come and doing my office work.:confused::confused::confused:


Thank you dear for this information


you must edit your gig and be creative in the description.


wow !! great post for me … !! thanks !! My sell also down so your suggestion is motivated me )


I like to panic though… lol… Great article…


thanks for the tips you give very helpful,
I am a new seller here just joined in fiverr april 2018. I waited 15 days to get my first order. and after the first order is done well and I got the next order until this week but suddenly my gigs become stuck and there is no order or message coming into my inbox. I do not know if anything is wrong and after reading your post I am a little relieved.
Thank’s again and if you don’t mind can you check my gigs if there anything is wrong or not


You should edit your gig and tags according to top sellers. But, don’t copy same content of top sellers. You should post your gig on social media also. You will get orders after changing it surely.


if suddenly your ratting get down and you cant get orders so dont worry make changes in your gig , description, pictures, title, tags, definitely you will back on your track and get orders on daily basis, its my personal experience


Man… It sounds good, but that’s so no sens. Everything in this world has its own laws and rules, studying and creating them, we are developing as humanbeing. Nothing happens without a reason. If my sales falls, then I want to find out why, to eliminate the reasons. Constantly working on the reasons for which you lose sales, you also develop. If my rankings goes down I want to now why, if my competitors made best offer, I want to find out how exactly and to impove my offer to make it even more valuable or unique. If that’s seasonable reasons, then I want to know when this season starts and ends, and be prepared for this period. That’s how it works in my view, and that means to compete.


I am facing strange situations, I am getting orders, as my gig is in the first page of my niche and the next day it disappears. I don’t even find it in the first 10 pages. I deliver an order then it comes to first page again and again it gets lost. Kinda mysterious.

I wish, I could know why such keeps happening :slight_smile:


It happened to me few months ago. Then I realized I wasn’t on the search using my keywords. I’d to contact CS for assistant…it took 48hrs to restore my gig on search again and now my impressions, clicks and views are on the rise. I pray I start racking up orders as usual. Cheers


Thats true!
well said


This is working for me though. When I improve my gig image, there is a noticeable views, impressions spike happening. And it become stable after some fluctuations. It is way better than the stats which I had before. Hence got ranked in a better position.


I too facing…, I am not getting orders since one month. Not even single person approaching me at all


Then YOU need to go find THEM. Stop waiting for things to happen for you, go make them happen yourself. You’re in business. Treat your gigs as such, and you will likely obtain orders. You can’t expect to sit back and do nothing, and expect success. Success comes to those to work for it.


Yes i am working hard , Making changes in my gigs and sharing my gig.
Thanks for the suggestions.


If you haven’t been receiving any customer interest, then you have NOT been working hard enough. Sharing your gig – I assume on social media – is not going to help you gain sales. Those are your friends that you are connected to on social media. Are your friends also your customers? Spamming your friends on social media sites is NOT going to lead to business success.


Then how do i improve my sales. Anyways i share my gigs in Fiverr pages like Facebook etc