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If your sales suddenly drop


Like I said, that isn’t going to do you any good unless the people you are sharing your gigs to are the people who need your services? There are no cheap and easy ways to gain customers.

You improve your sales by reaching out to your customers and convincing them to hire you.


To My old customers?


New customers. Reach out to the people who need your services.


For me, a drop in sales is a time to step back, look at my gigs and improve them. No matter how perfect you may think they are, they aren’t. Fix your gig video and make a new one (you DO have a video, right?), and take a look at your gig description from your buyer’s point of view. Are you REALLY the BEST ________in the entire history of humanity? If you aren’t, maybe you should adjust that?

Are your clients native English speakers? Have you had someone proofread your gig description? It may be worth having paying someone or working out a trade deal with someone to do your video, voice over, gig description, etc. This is your business, and you have to invest time, money and effort.

My point here is that your drop in sales is an OPPORTUNITY. Do some maintenance and clean your house (I mean this figuratively as I haven’t seen your place :sunglasses:) Read marketing articles for your field here on Fiverr and elsewhere…there is a wealth of knowledge out there waiting for you. It is in moments of difficulty where you find out if this is right for you.

I wish you all much success!

Cheers from Cancún!



A drop in sales is definitely a time for MAINTENANCE AND CLEANUP… I did experience no order at all for about a month then I did what you just suggested BOOM! Sales are coming in again. I will always say a big thank you to all that contribute on this community.


@jonbaas I think you should really stop giving out this advice cause the last time I checked I couldn’t even share my fiverr link with potential clients on LinkedIn cause of some very obvious reasons that you might indirectly be encouraging.

It’s great advice BUT ya know where I’m going with this, right?


You are assuming that the only place to promote your services is on social media. Promotion – wherever your customers are located – is ALWAYS a good idea. :wink:


You know that, I know that but someone else reading it might not and in most cases they don’t.

Again, it’s great advice but the way certain people put it into action does more harm than good.


Wow great. Thank you :open_mouth:




If nothing workout then deactivate your current account and make a new account work hard and do marketing your gigs every possible way to reach the targeted buyer. I think dont let go your effort that you put in previous time. coz life always should get a second chance. Work Hard, Keep Patience, stick with your dream carrier. Thanks for share the post. Its Useful and Informative.


Thanks well said.
But There is no alternative to marketing. It will have to do everyday. :heavy_check_mark:


what about GIG Impresstion is it increasesing or decreasing ?



:slight_smile: Thanks for this!


good information. it helps me a lot.


I have collected good information


You don’t even want to know what came to mind.

That said, I agree with you whole-heartedly. This is why I think everyone should diversify their income:

Shameless plug:


My business was bangin earlier now it’s slow ugh


…what if I DO want to know?? :laughing::laughing:


Thanks for the advise and it’s helpfull. All others including Pray always works.