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If your sales suddenly drop


it’s a real thing and It Happens!
thanks for posting


Thank you so much for nice advice


Same problem i faced

I have not sale after i getting good reviews.

Hope it will help to promote and send my service.

Thanks for tips


it’s correct :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


well said buddy…
Keep it up


You are right. It’ll help others.


mine is decreasing, don’t know why?


Thank you for sharing your tips it will help us.


Yea you are right don’t get panic when you do not receive order for long time.Keep doing and looking on the gigs.What you can improve.


It DOES work! I played around with my gig titles (I will…) and just that alone bumped me up in the search. Keywords work if you find the right ones. Also, promote on social media! Post your link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. People who say promotion doesn’t work either don’t do it or don’t stay with it.


Same with me Yes you are right


thank you for knowledge sharing
sharing is caring


help each other make plan


Very true. But sometimes just the waiting, just making hell sort of changes, praying your heart out are not the ways, even not the promoting.

In the year 2017, I was doing really good. Doing more than 250 orders in a month but suddenly from 2018, I have started to get orders - less than 100 in a month and its been 11 long months, I am still in the same situation. Not getting good orders which i used to get in the year 2017. Don’t know what to do. End of thinking…


Yeah I was enjoying nice steady sales recently. Now all the stats hit the foor again. Despite the fact I’m still on the first page


Sky is the limit.So keep going.


@zeus777 Thank you very for you nice topics. You are really awesome. :heart_eyes:


That’s a great one


But sometimes when things are not going right, one has to be curious to know what’s up.
Don’t take the fate, make a move.
I tell you some guys are really making a lot of sense out there.
Research and be positive!


I have found that prayer works… :slight_smile: