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If your sales suddenly drop


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I’m not saying being here a long time guarantees success. I’m just saying that it’s weird having more engagement in the beginning when we were a nobody but suddenly having a drop lately when we already achieved better stats.

In the last 2 years, I never had the need to promote my gig on any social media and was doing just fine. I only promoted my service through offers for buyer requests back then and I’m still doing that now, but like I said, I had better success converting them into actual orders in the past.


This is not weird at all. Fiverr gives new sellers a boost to help them get started, and then gradually removes that boost once the seller has learned the ropes, and been active selling on the site for a while. Once a new seller knows how Fiverr words, Fiverr doesn’t need to help that seller get any sales – the idea being that by that time, the seller will have already learned how to maintain their gigs, bring in new customers, and build their own success.

It isn’t Fiverr’s responsibility to make sellers successful. They help new sellers get started, and then let those new sellers take things from there.

Perhaps now is a good time to learn how to promote your gigs. This is something you should already have been doing from the beginning.


which tag you have selected for your gig is it from fiverr search bar?


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It happens to me all the time, when I change something in my Gigs, everything freezes!


This is so beautifully written. Thanks for the post, I totally needed it. You write so well


good advise - how long is that boost and when do you know its over? i assume when orders stop coming in? I have got most orders through BR and a few through clicks/views but you seem to give good advise so i thought i would follow up - thx.


Only Fiverr knows this. I imagine they don’t want to tell people the details about this, because then some new sellers might try to find a way to take advantage of it.


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very well said… thanks for the clear explanation!!