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If you're a seller or buyer, you NEED my service. Here's why:

Copywriting Services With Personality

Ever find yourself trying to write copy for your business website, only to end up:

-Sounding too business-like: While you’re trying to sound professional, the stuff you come up with sounds like a college lecture - stuffy and boring.

-Sounding like you’ve had one too many espresso shots in your coffee this morning: You attempt to infuse some personality into your writing but instead you’ve found yourself going way overboard - we know you’re excited, but calm down!?!

-Unable to make sense of what you do to your customers: You offer an awesome product or service – but you can’t seem to translate it into something that makes sense to the people you offer it to.

-With text content trashed with jargon, fluff, clichés and other things that don’t mean anything: You’re trying to sound well educated and literary and well, you know – like a really great person to work with. But now you sound pretentious.

-Tossing your keyboard out the window: Because you hate writing, really want nothing to do with it, but then again you understand how crucial it is for your business.

-Writing something that comes out looking like your college homework: Why are you writing in third person?

-Having difficulty conveying how your customers or clients are going to benefit when working with you: You know what you do is going to help improve people’s lives – but you don’t know how to explain how.

Then we’re going to be great friends

How I Can Help You

I’ve got knack for infusing personality into web copy – I’ll make your customers and clients feel like you’re actually talking to them. Sort of like I’m doing to you right now…

I’ve also got a way of translating difficult-to-follow ideas into straight-talking, no-nonsense words that anybody can understand. Remember: What makes sense to you doesn’t always make sense to the people you’re trying to reach out to. I’ll figure out what you’re trying to say, and then put it in clear, simple form.

I don’t bother messing with the fluffy over-sales-y crap either; I get to the point and make people go, ‘Holy sh*t! I want what you’re selling. And can I get one for my sister, too?’

Who I Work With

I’ve limited myself to only work with businesses who actual give damn: I’m cool with people aiming to be financially successful someday – hell, I do too. But I’m not okay with people who really have no passion for what they do at all.

But if you started your business because you love everything it entails – especially the part where you witness the actual, tangible difference you’re creating in people’s lives – then keep reading because we’re about to make some serious magic happen.

I want to work with you if:

-You started your business because you just couldn’t NOT start it
-It makes you bubble over and excitedly ramble about what you do, when somebody asks you what you do.
-You strongly feel the meaning in what you do.
-You can’t get over knowing that you – and your business – are changing people’s lives for the good of things.

But we really shouldn’t work together if:

You would abandon your business if you won the lottery.

Now that’s out the way, here’s the deal:

Copywriting Services

I charge per page of website copy, and the prices I charge depend exactly on what pages you need. Prices vary by length, content, and type of page. As soon as I know exactly what you need, I will send you a custom quote.

But to get a better idea of what my rates look like, visit my Fiverr gig listing: