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If You're American You Have To Offer Voice Overs

$5, in America, is going shorter with each passing day. What can you offer online in a timely fashion that can’t be easily outsourced? Your American accent. Buyers are hungry for American voices to add to their videos. Let someone else deal with animation, design, writing, coding, etc. All you need to do is sound like you.

I am sorry I have to disagree a little bit. Yes, there is a huge market for American voice over artists but not everybody can just record voice overs. You can not just get some cheap mic connect it to your computer and read a text. You will need to invest in your gear and get some experience. So please don’t think this is easy made money, not everybody is suited for that type of job!

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I see where you are coming from and it makes sense. As long as one is willing to invest in the software and has their space designed to create a clean sound then go for it.

I don’t think it’s that simple at all. The USA has a wide variety of accents and they vary greatly, so the tip is too generic. Some people don’t have the voice for it. Some have speech impediments. And, as @annai80 mentioned, even if you had all the rest, junk equipment won’t work even for a $5 gig unless you are very clear about what the buyer is getting.

On top of that, I’m in the USA and if I decide to buy a VO, I am highly unlikely to buy from a seller with an American accent. Just to my own ear, that’s boring since I can speak in a standard American accent with a bit of a southern dialect. If I want a VO, I want something that sounds exotic to me! For a voicemail greeting, I’d pick a British or Australian accent. When I needed a VO and video the last time, I needed someone who actually did NOT sound like a native speaker of American or British English. I bought from someone with a Latino accent.

Being a good voiceover artist requires acting ability, diction, and speaking skills along with a voice people enjoy listening to, and also good equipment. It is not easy nor can just anyone do it. Try recording your voice as you read a script and see if you can honestly imagine someone paying for it.

Voice over like any other profession is a skill that requires lessons, practice, and experience.

First off, voice acting is, Surprise! Acting! So unless you happen to be an already trained actor, good luck. And for those gigs that don’t require a lot of acting as @fastcopywriter says, then you will be working very little. Because 9 times out of 10, you need to sound like you are talking to somebody, believe why you are saying what you’re saying, and then make the listener believe you too.

Next up, you need some specific voice over lessons. Did you know that a TV voice over is different than a radio voice over? Or that a cartoon character is performed differently than a video game character? Or what about narration? That’s a whole other style right there. Unless you have taken workshops, you will end up reading everything the same way and find yourself with very little work.

Then of course you need the equipment. Sure you MIGHT be able to pass just reading from a cheap mic at your computer desk, but if you want to actually make money from VO, then you better take it seriously. Because when it comes down to it, if you have 2 people who perform the script the same way, but one person has better equipment, who’s gonna book the job?

Anyways, that’s my two cents!

i have all the gear this is my life and it takes work to do it professionally…Well said my friend!!

Hi, thank you for opening this discussion. You have a good point, one that reminds me of what Fiverr often suggest us to do. To use the best of our talents in a clever way. And to enjoy of course.

Unfortunately, if one has a quick look at search, one will see that the “English-American” accent has too much competition on Fiverr. Only the best in acting/ technical equipement/ communication with the buyer/ 24hours delivery etc will be able to get loads of orders (some day). Either a Top Rated sellers or very new Gigs have some chances to be noticed by the crowd.

The sad part is that, having read a hundred VO Gig descriptions, I see most English VO sellers selling too many words for only $5. And as you said, $5 is going shorter with each passing day - and not only in America. In Europe it is even worse :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck everybody!

Reply to @annai80: I know I’m not. Even though I have some of the basic equipment I don’t have the software nor a dedicated space that is closed off from distractions.

Reply to @linavox: I have the video production equipment, and therefore I have the needed audio equipment. However, I’m willing to bet that most buyers would be satisfied with a recording from an iPhone and unable to distinguish it from a studio setup.

Reply to @fonthaunt: The OP wasn’t talking about what you want. They were talking about other buyers and how there is a market for American accents. To people not from the US, it isn’t “boring”, it’s different and desired. Just like your desire to have an “exotic” accent for a voice over.

Reply to @edadesigns: Yes, I understood that. Clearly not all buyers want what “I want.” However, since I have purchased voiceovers and I am a part of the buyer (and seller) categories I gave my opinion. I don’t think an American accent guarantees success or that being an American means that you “have to offer voice overs.” My opinion is just that - no more and no less than yours. Is that a problem?

Reply to @misscrystal: Agreed 100 %. My voice is on the husky side and I don’t think I’d be a good candidate. I probably sound like Kathleen Turner (although some might enjoy the way she sounds, kind of “smoky” sounding) Some people like to hear more feminine, less authoritative, etc., but yes, it is just like the kind of skills needed in acting or movies.

Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: If you sound like Kathleen Turner, that’s your gig.

"I will create a Kathleen Turner Voice Over in 3 Days for $5"
For $5 you can record 50 words.
For another $5, 50 additional words.
For another $5, make a revision.

Use Kathleen Turner, husky voice, voice over, and Hollywood as your tag.

Acting skills help, but it’s not always necessary, and with practice you’ll get better. I have directed a lot of radio commercials in my career, have worked with a lot of actors, good and bad, and not every voice over gig requires acting. Some voice overs have a neutral read, others use exaggeration.

Reply to @fonthaunt: That is interesting to hear. It explains a lot.

When I first started on Fiverr, my one and only Gig was for voice over and narration in Greek and to read Ancient Greek texts. Most of my buyers have been asking for me to record in English! I was surprised. They were even asking me to read in a strong Greek accent, not my normal slight one. This Gig gave me my Level 1, and I am grateful to those buyers. The thing is that, with a full time regular job for 8-10 hours a day, I need to pause this Gig sometimes for long periods. Otherwise to make VO in English with different countries’ accents on Fiverr I suppose is a good idea.

Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: I love Kathleen Turner - lol - I will have you in mind :slight_smile: