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If you're going to give advice, make sure it's original

On several occasions, I’ve seen tips copied and pasted from other posts, or from other sites. It’s not helping your cause to assist others, nor do I see the benefit of doing so. It’s plagiarism, and that’s not a good thing. If you’re going to try and be helpful, let it come from the heart, and not from a source that’s SO easy to find. Google exists for various reasons. :slight_smile:

:smiley: you are right, i have also noticed mostly just pasting the stuff from other platforms… but the point is who cares… :slight_smile:

And that makes it difficult to trust these persons as sellers because they will be known as copycats.

There are plenty of people who care. I’m one of them.

Depending on their reasoning and failure to say it’s not their work, it could also mean lack of creativity, potential for dishonesty, and a likelihood to plagiarize or copy other image/text content when delivering gigs. Just a bad idea all around.

I am have original tip. Much originales!

  1. to be great success, firstling you must be to making a profile with sexy lady, but please, no bubs, this not exceptable inside professional.
  2. then, you must making a nice workings, saying like “I am Nadia with bubs. I am writings good for you, sometime on my bups!”. You will mek great sells with!!!
  3. now dear, i making advice be awarings. you must now that never is good to make private contact. I now, I surprise too! but is way of these site.
  4. finally, is optional, you may like make “gig”. I look up on google tranlate, it say “party”. Sound good to me!

I wish you all best of luckys!

I am writng, please hire me as I knot mek sells just yet, i now why not? I am popular in may cuntry! May be if you try you make better :frowning:

Most definitively.

You never fail to crack me up, and I’m a newbie. I wonder how many stitches you’ve put the “OLDys” through. :slight_smile: