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Ignore a buyer's order offer

Hi! friends. Please help me to know how to ignore a buyer’s order offer because she made the order twice, actually she wanted to order one. Then, she requested me to ignore one of both order. but I don’t really know the way to do it :disappointed_relieved:

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You can send a mutual cancellation request. There will be a resolution center link upper right side in the order page


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Hey, I cannot find the link. the order not start yet. because she don’t complete the requirement yet. could you give me any detail about the mutual concellation request ?

@aorstudio The order doesn’t have to be started, you can send a cancellation request through the Visit the Resolution Center button at the order page.

From there its a wizard you can set the cancellation reason and send a cancellation request which the buyer can accept to cancel and receive a refund for the order.

ahhh ok then ! I got the resolution center button. I hope it will be running kindly. thanks a bunch anyway … have a nice day. @techpig

Great! you too have a wonderful day. @aorstudio