'IGNORE' buyer/ seller Should be introduced


As a seller I think there should be an option so that I/we can ignore any specific seller. I provide web banner designing and till date 300+ orders with 100% feedback. But, in 1-2% case I observed that there are certain buyer who never satisfied with work and always comes with a negative mind. In my case with 300+ buyers I observed 2-3 such buyers and I don’t ever want to get any orders from them. But, they do & it’s become a real pain. So, FIVERR should introduce an option by which we can ban/ ignore any specific buyer/ seller.

Please give your kind opinion on this matter.



Hi All… I’m a newbie fiverr but not a newbie “at large” . It is impossible to satisfy everyone, all the time. And it is unrealistic for vendors/sellers to think they can artificially maintain a perfect standing. Look to ebay as great example of how the rating process has refined over the years. Be wary when you meet someone in business who tells you they have NEVER had a problem with a customer or made a mistake. Having a high volume business with a 95% satisfaction rate is totally acceptable and represents an honest seller. Handling a satisfied customer is easy, its a no brainer, anybody can do it, there is no risk. The way you handle a disgruntled customer speaks volumes about your abilities and competence. Communicate with your customers, reduce to zero the weak links in your product/service and do not over-promise.

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