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Ignored by sellers

I’ve sent messages to 2 different sellers and have had no response,last was a week ago.One is apparently a ‘top rated seller’.I’ve used Fiverr previously without any problems,seems now that sellers aren’t interested in doing any work.If not a reply telling me so would be welcome so that I don’t waste valuable time waiting for an answer.

Perhaps your messages didn’t go through. Fiverr implemented a lot of changes lately, and that means it was more buggy than usual.


more buggy than usual


maybe they are busy?

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Sometimes sellers don’t reply, I know - It’s frustrating.

I’ve messaged several sellers and have received no response! so, I moved on to the next one!

:bulb: Joe

Being in different time zones could be a factor. I ‘doubt’ sellers are glued to their devices 24/7. We gotta eat, exercise etc… When I want my me time, I shut that stuff off. Don’t give up just yet, try contacting a few more. Goodluck!

I’ve waited a week so time-zones isn’t a factor;obviously they’re not interested(one is same time zone actually)I’ll try someone else now.

Maybe, maybe not - either way, they should tell you they are not interested;if that is indeed the case. My take is it’s a good thing you found out now before placing an order - otherwise, it would have been a whole new headache.




Lol. It happened to me that I got so much requests that buyers had to wait 6 days before I could send them a custom offer. Of course they got a confirmation that I received there message within 30 minutes. If the buyer drops off in the meantime it’s understandable, but so be it.

What most people here don’t understand that even if there is no order in queue that doesn’t mean that the seller is available. There are a lot of sellers who are doing business outside of this platform and Fiverr has not their sole priority. This has nothing to do with being a diva.


A ‘Buyer’ asked me to do a 3D job for $10.
I didn’t bother to reply.

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I know for example with me, sometimes I can get rather overwhelmed and I am so busy focusing on the orders already in my queue that I delay responding unintentionally. I know it’s not the “right” thing to do, and when sellers don’t respond it actually causes they response rate to lower. So I don’t think there are many sellers that intentionally ignore buyers. I try to respond ASAP but if I begin to feel stressed I turn my attention to my current clients and let the messages go unanswered until I have more time. :pensive:


what is the job ,you requested for

its digital marketing

If they don’t reply then move on to someone who does.


Copy + paste is your friend rolls eyes

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Wow, that’s just wrong. I’ve been on Fiverr for over a year now and still have a 98% response rate with 1hr response time.

He is not talking about you :smiley: