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Ignoring new sellers on fiverr

I Created gigs , 2 week ago , on 1 gig i am having 74 impressions and other are having just 0 . i dont why people dont trust people those who are new to Fiverr.


Hi there!

I found this bit on multiple other gigs:
People use Internet for their own purposes mostly to find something useful. So by saying this, Social Media are the most powerful weapon that the Internet “possesses” to share information. Popular Internet Platforms have become marketing giants, offering businesses valuable data about their costumers. The jury has spoken: social media for business is no longer optional.

Writing your own gig description will encourage trust - nobody wants to buy from somebody who copies other peoples’ work.


OK I got that , I Just created gig ,for the first time

will you create me A proper gig for my business ?

On your SEO gig, you’ve misspelt Google. It would be extremely difficult to trust someone who claims to be an SEO expert, yet spells Google incorrectly.

Also… You’re really quite expensive for someone brand new to the site. In the beginning, you need to seriously consider working for a slightly cheaper rate, in order to generate some orders and get some positive reviews. Once you’ve had some success, you should absolutely put your rate up to what you think is fair for your work.


No - that’s your job! :wink:

There’s only one 't’in marketing BTW.


Hi @umershujah bro!
Although it doesn’t depend 100% on your seniority but to a very lil extent it matters and you can recover it with showing your talent in your gig. A Top Rated Seller can also get same stuff if he changes his most selling gig from a professional one to a nonprofessional one. Try to add original and eyecatching stuff to your gig. A good title, tags, description and portfolio can increase all this. And at the end “sharing your gig” is the best tool to increase views and impressions etc. :smiley:

If you are new this article may help you :slight_smile:


I highly doubt that your status plays a major role here.
As others have pointed out, your profile has some trust and credibility issues.

This is taken from your SEO gig

Work on your gigs :wink:
You don’t have to be a native English speaker, but grammar does matter when providing SEO service.


Create 7 gig and marketing your gig. Your gig impression will increase.

umershujah Social Media are the most powerful arms that the Internet “possesses” to distribute information.

hahahahahha . that was just the typing mistake , and thanks for correction

make me a description , with grammer correction . would you ?

Sure, I can make you a custom offer for $149.
It includes gig description & custom cover image for the gig.


damn , :joy::joy::joy: … i am myself struggling to earn to continue my study

It takes money to make money :slight_smile:

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Hi, just give it time :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m new to Fiverr myself and Fiverr’s trust system is there for a reason. Some buyers have encountered fraudulent sellers or time wasters so basically, they’ll prefer to deal with those who have attained at least a level one ranking on Fiverr.

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what is your level on Fiverr?

I’m still a new seller on Fiverr.

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I am also New on fiver seller and There is no my level
What is your level?