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Ihi to every one.i am new on gig title is design clothing boutique logo professionally,minimal,modern

hi to every one.i am new on fiver. i am a graphic designer. i created a logo design gig . my gig title is design clothing boutique logo professionally,minimal,modern. i hope you all like this and help me how to improve my gig and how to get orders .thanks

I’m afraid that in order to help you with improving your gig, you’ll need to provide more specific information.

What is it you’re looking to improve about your gig? Is it traffic you’re looking for?

In terms of getting orders, there is nothing specific you can do to generate orders. However, you can connect with buyers through the ‘Buyer Requests’ section, often a good starting point for new sellers.

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thanks oscartrayte for your positive reply and your sincere advice . i try buyers request , i hope i get orders from there.thanks again

All good. Keep plugging away, it’ll pay off!

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