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Ilegal Caracters

Hi! I’m writing my first product on fiver, and i don’t know how to quit the “Ilegal Caracters” in the descrption. It is:

:ribbon: My Services

Low Price
Fast Delivery
Fast Replies

:firecracker: Basic Packpage

Custom Design (Roles, Channels and Categories)
Custom Channels and Roles
Moderation Bot
Music Bot

:gift: Standard Packpage

All the Basic Packpage perks
Setup permissions (In roles and channels)
Notification System (Youtube, twitter, Twitch)
Setup Community (Welcome Panel)
Meme Bot
Fun Bot

:art: Premium Packpage

All the Basic and Standard Packpage perks.
Profesional server design (Panels)
Login Bots
Server Stats (Member Count)
Autoroles (Gender, Age, Birthdays and more…)
Other Fun Bots
+20 users on the server (Optional)
Role Shop (All setup)

:money_with_wings: Other Topics (Extra cost)

Ticket System [+2$]
Custom Bot [+10$]
Verify System (It’s recomended if you want more security) [+5$]
Booster Perks [+5$]
Welcome Message (In MD) [+2$]
Any design (Logo, Banner, Panels, and more…) [+2$ / Design]
Giveaway (I can host you a Giveaway) [+3$ / Giveaway]
Emojis [+2$ / 20 Emojis]
Games Category (WIth a lot of games) [+3$]
Promo in a 25k users Community [+5$]
Help (With Anything in your community) [+1$]
Leveling System (With rewards) [+3$]

If anyone can help me, I will be very grateful to him