I'll add your gig on my friend's blog FREE


So I have a friend that started a new blog and If you want you can write a short review about your own gig ( 250-350 words ) plus the profile picture that you use for your gig and he is going to publish it for free. The website is also going to offer paid reviews in about a month so if anyone is interested just upload a txt document with your own short review along with a picture and He is going to publish it in 24-48 hours. There is no current limit for this since the website is new . He is also seriously investing in SEO so the gig is going to get some views in the following months .

The name of the blog is fragglesrock ( don’t be fooled by the name lol ) and in the future users are going to be able to add reviews of bad gigs too ( of course if they have proof ) .

Happy New Year ! :smiley:

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Well, there’s always that :slight_smile:


To sum it up :slight_smile: For those who are not going to read all the text above :slight_smile: just attache a document with your own review of your gig plus a picture ( profile gig picture ) and a link to the gig. That’s all :smiley:

You can always contact me if you mention that you are from the forum :slight_smile: It’s FREE


You could always just randomly pick gigs you like! Some folks do that currently.


Reply to @lparziale: I’m not going to write reviews for anyone :slight_smile: If someone want me to add something there,they have to write their own review and I will ask my friend to add it.


Reply to @rodesigners: Makes sense. Nice what you are doing.


At the moment this is available for an indefinite time period. Until now ’ anarchofighter ’ contacted me


Hmm sounds good I may have to in touch once I have something written :slight_smile:


Great,I’m always available. You can contact me through fiverr.


Free 200 word reviews for everyone


@rodesigners, I have a Fiverr gig for anyone with a gig. Check em out on my page.


:smiley: I sent a message


Also a free community inside of Facebook at /fragglesrock for you to use to promote your gigs in that space, laid out with the same categories available here. It’s as easy as posting your links to gigs with a headline.


can you choose me. :smiley:


Hey, this sounds great. Thanks for sharing the info. I’ll contact you as soon as I write a review of one of my gigs :slight_smile: