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I'll buy your gig!


I will help you to become more positive feedbacks on your gig!

Try it out!


@voiceoverwork - wonder if he pulled it, or fiverr pulled it… hmmmm


1/2/2014… the OP no longer has the gig available.


pls buy and rate

I will send you a teespring design images kit for $5

Thank you in advance



Buying positive feedback. That’s the spirit!

BTW, the link you used…

Anytime you see, “/users/” or “/manage_gigs/” or “/edit” in your link, that’s the link as you see it logged in. When we click on it, it takes us to a default page which is Fiverrs main page.

To insert your link correctly, it’s like this…


OK - thanks for your help


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Ups^^ You’re right, thank you!


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Ok ^^


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks Voiceoverwork.


unusual gig




@hppro if i understand pretty well, it means i have to pay you $10 for you to review my gig? because if you charge $5 and then buy my gig for $5, that is a loss of $1 for fiverr charges. just thinking out loud


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That’s it! :wink:





no offense or anything because I am glad you brought my rating up, but would you please actually write a real review if I need to get this again. You could take a couple minutes to add something like, “I loved what you did with my idea” or “this is amazing work” or something less generic than “thank you! Will use again!” I know you aren’t getting paid very much, but please work a little harder.


Thx for changing it! It’s a lot better


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I thank you!



The gig title… “I will buy and rate your gig for $5” is misleading.

So what exactly does a Buyer get for the basic gig of $5?


@voiceoverwork the description says you get basic tips, I don’t know what kind of tips though.



Yeah thanks. I’m hoping the OP will respond.