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I'll Design a Beautiful book cover for You!

Hi Everyone!
I hope everyone is Safe and Healthy!
It’s been long time since I’m back now to the forum!
I’ll design a Beautiful Book Cover for You :blush:!
I already have completed my 1st Order with a 5-star review so check my Gig below for more Details & I hope you’ll get impressed :relaxed:!

Have a Nice Day ahead! :slight_smile:


It is a a pleasure to know.
Best wishes to you.

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@wpexpertsabbir Thank You! Same to you.

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Hi Dua, :clinking_glasses:

I just checked your gig, and I guess you are using the mobile view. It’s better to upload the images in your gig gallery as in a desktop view since majority uses the desktop view while using Fiverr.

You might be seeing your images appear all nice, but in desktop view, the size does not fit in quite well. Maybe you wanna upload extended size of your drawing images.

Remember that attractive images are one of the essential highlights to attract your buyers.

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Hello @mariayasir,

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for checking in the details. I’ll definitely edit them all.

Have a nice day :blush:!
Stay Safe & Blessed!

Best Regards,