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I'll donate 60% of all of my new order earnings!

I’ll donate 60% of my earning for all of the orders after May 22,2021 to India COVID relief !

I feel helpless at times as I cannot be on ground helping people in these tough situations.
So i think this is how I can help, I will work with true dedication, complete orders but will donate my earnings to NGO and fundraisers for patients.

I am writing this post so that even if 1 person get encouraged by reading this and donate, they can contribute to someone Financial relief, saving life indirectly.

In case you have any techincal work you were looking to get help on, I can help maybe: dev_akashtyagi | Online Coding Lessons | India | Fiverr


which category you work on?

Programming and Coding Lessons. Edited post to include my profile

Why do you want to do this here instead of doing it on a specific page for that like gofundme ?
Ah, additional info: you can’t cheat there :policeman:

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The forum should have Facebook reactions


What if gofundme ends up updating their ToC: Gofundme is not to be used for gig promotion.

Congratulation for your good Decision

that is a very wise decision