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I'll draw amazing anime art for $10

Check out my gig! I’m new here and am currently not busy for a couple weeks so my orders would be quite fast!

If I may offer a suggestion, make the second image the primary one. It showcases your best work, and thus the premium package. (And add a second example to the color shaded image, maybe? You have the room, why not use it?)

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Hi, yes, I’m currently having an issue where in the gig edit section, the second one /is/ the primary, but on viewing the gig it places it as the second image and not the thumbnail… I’ll ask this in another forum for advice! Thank you for reminding me.

And I will do, thanks for the advice!!

No need to create a new thread just to ask.
I’ve found the bast way to guarantee first image first, is to upload one at a time, and in the order you want.

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I tried again and it worked, thanks!