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I'll Draw Your Original or Fan Character for $5

As the title says, I’ll draw your character or design you one for a base of $5! I’m skilled in numerous art/illustration programs and a few animation software applications, and can draw most mammals, humans, supernatural creatures as well as fantasy creatures and snakes.

You may re-post and share these illustrations with credit but please don’t try to make new profit from my work. I will include the source file as well as plenty of other files if you would like to print this work or share with others online. I can work very fast, within the same day! All I ask is for communication with me so we can work on it quickly and efficiently, and for you to give me reference images or a detailed description. Each extra character included will be another $5, and I can include the entire process for another $5 if you’d like to learn how I work. Let me know if you have questions for me! Thank you!