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Hi there. I have a nice little Pagerank 3 domain where I write blog posts about fiverr gigs. I’d like to write one about yours. All I ask in return is for you to collect my favorite gig.


here are two of my special gigs!

collected your gig ^-^ thanks


I collected you gig, thank you here is my gig, could you feature it.


collected! :slight_smile:

thank you. :smiley:


Collected you! Here is my gig:


hi have collected your gig if not to much trouble could you please post this gig


I have collected ur gig…Here’s my gig that you can feature:

Thanks :slight_smile:



I have collected your gig.

Please collect mine.

Thank You


Hi ,

i have collected your Gig please Collect mine :slight_smile:


Who doesn’t love karma?! Collected! Thanks!



I just collected your gig! Thank you!


Hello, I have collected your gig and would appreciate a write up for my gigs as well!

I have 4 gigs, all are in the writing category. Long story short, I lost my original gig that had many amazing feedbacks attached to it. I am a Level2 seller and would like to earn back my reputation feedback so that others can see I am legit! I love!



I have just collected your gig.


Hi-I have just collected your gig. Thank you!


Please help me rank my gigs


Hi, I’ve collected your gig, and this is my gig


Hi, I have collected your gig! Please feature mine when time permits


Hi. I collected your gig, can you promote my work now? Thanks!!!


Hi. I collected your gig,

please help me

thanks you :slight_smile:



pls help mine: