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I'll have a side of perspective please

I got to thinking that if I simply took some of the more common conversations I have on a daily basis and swapped the “fiverr” part of it out for, say…an “actual business.” They might sound like this.

At Starbucks: “Um, I only have $3 for the tall, but I want a venti, with 2 extra shots for the $3”?

At restaurant: “Um, Could you cook me a small piece of steak, and if I like it, I’ll buy one”?

At grocery: “Um, if you give me these apples at a discount, I promise to buy lots more someday.”

At laundry: “Um, ticket says, ready Friday, when will my order be ready”? Oh, rush service costs extra, can I have it rush for free anyway…I’ll appreciate it"?

At rail station: "Um, my ticket says “good for 1 fare”, but I want to ride again free. You want to charge me again, not fair, not fair.

These are a few of my favorite things…


I don’t have any money to buy the steak, but I really need it, so if you give it to me free I will come back later and pay you 100 times what it cost.

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Awfully close to “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - LOGIC REVERSED :rofl:
GET 1 Free and then BUY 1

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One time when I was selling a used car someone called me and tried to convince me to give it to him. He said he was a needy student (:cry:) with no money so I should let him have the car free.


This reminded me of the following “freelancer vs. real world” experiment:


I thought you were a good witch.


I always wonder if they say something similar to their plumber or a dentist… And if they do say that to their dentist, how many teeth they still have.


In the video, the interesting thing is how ridiculous it sounds in real life.


It sounds just as ridiculous here too.


But it’s for a charity! Won’t somebody please think of the children!


But the sad part is that there are always folks here willing to do it to get started, so while it doesn’t work at McDonald’s, if you ask enough people here, someone will bite. And for that reason, it never goes away…

There are always so many who assume they have no choice but to do anything they are asked.

So I am tempted the next time someone asks me one of those, I will just send link to this thread. :rofl:

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As if they will bother to read it :rofl:

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“I just ordered your gig for a basic 30-second video but really we’d like 60 seconds with some kind of logo animation. If you can do this we’ll be really interested in getting other videos made.”

  • Right, so you saw my price but decided that you only want to pay half and apparently I should be excited by this? Eat cancellation dust, fool.

Yep, just had that one too. Or they order, then send the video for sync, then a request for music…none of which were in the original order.

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