I'll help you edit your profile or gig descriptions for no charge. [ARCHIVED]



Some of you may have noticed that I’ve ended up offering advice on improving profiles and gig descriptions. I’ve been happy to do this to help folks out so I thought I’d make official!

If you suspect your sales may be suffering due to your profile or gig description(s) not being as good as it can be post the link here and I’ll see if I can offer any suggestions.


Since I’ve had so many responses (which is great, I’m happy to help) I have to limit the offer to reviewing your profile and 3 gigs. If you don’t specify which 3 gigs I’ll review the first 3 in your profile. Thanks!


I’m always open to any suggestions


Reply to @jdthur: In your profile… “programming experience, but I have” to "programming experience. I have"

In your gig “download and review your iOS application” there’s a small grammatical error… “It will tested on an iPad…” to "It will be tested on an iPad…"

In your gig “custom Excel function” your missing punctuation in the first and last sentence.

Gig “Sign up for any website” missing punctuation in last sentence.

Gig “photo of any landmark in Dudley”… You may want to include more photos in the gig to get an idea of what’s available. For description

"I am a photographer looking to make a few extra dollars from a hobby I truly enjoy.

I have allowed 7 days to ensure I have enough time to take your photo in the best light possible"

For the “Take photos based on a theme of your choosing” gig, the photo you have shown is of poor quality. I would replace that with the best photo’s you’ve got to make people confident with your talent.

Hope that helps,



Hi, can you please suggest me for my profile and gigs?


Reply to @mohaplaban: Hi, for your profile…

"Hello, I’m a web developer with 5 years of experience in this profession. ►Wordpress Boss. ►Expert Web Developer ►Website Traffic Aficionado. ►Online Marketing Guru."

You’ve got lot’s of gigs so give me a bit to look them over.


Reply to @psychedelicpup: thanks dear, should i change my profile description? or should i remove some gigs? or add some new gigs? if possible check any of my gigs and give me some suggestions.

take your time. thanks in advanced.


wow! What a sweet thing to do.

Thumbs up for lovely and helpful people like urself psychedelicpup!



Reply to @mohaplaban: That’s just a suggestion for making your profile more attractive. You can use it all, or parts or none of it. It’s OK I’m not offended if you don’t take my suggestions!

I will look over all your gigs and give you suggestions if I have any. It’s getting late here though so it won’t be until tomorrow morning.


Reply to @seducea: Cheers Angelina and thanks! You can call me Brian btw :slight_smile:


Reply to @mohaplaban: OK. So you have many mistakes in grammar in your gig descriptions. It’s not a big deal but some sentences are hard to understand. In general go through your descriptions an make sure all new sentences start with a capital letter and end with punctuation. Errors happen, and especially when English isn’t our native language but buyers could take it as a sign of laziness in your gigs.

Some specifics…

In your gig “get a professional seo report” you may want to change the sentence that starts “It will DISPLAY…” to this "It will DISPLAY all the search engine errors of your site and explain what they mean and what you should do to achieve better search engine ranking. The report will include the following:"

At the end of that gig you may want to change the last 2 sentences to this "You will get all of this with details in the full REPORT sent as a PDF.

You can feel safe ordering because there is NO NEED FOR FOR ADMIN ACCESS OF ANY KIND, JUST SEND ME YOUR LINK!"

Your gig “create a professional Ecommerce website”. The description is showing up with tags. “


” You’ll have to check that out.

more to come…



This is a great offer! I have a lot of gigs but, out of all of them, there are three that I wish would get a reply. They are listed below.






Reply to @mohaplaban: For your gig “customizable professional video sharing website” You may want to change the first lines to this "Your website will be fully customizable and professional. This is like a video sharing site. It’s easy to use and easy to maintain. You don’t need any special training to use it. It’s as easy as uploading your video. It can also be a public video sharing web."

In your gig “submit your website/product/link 999999 Facebook” edit to this "Hi, I will submit your website or product link to active 999999+ Facebook group members. Just send me your link or anything you’d like shared. I will provide you with proof of the finished work."

That’s it. I hope it helps!



Reply to @wcman1976:Hi Steve,

I don’t have any suggestions for the first gig. The description is well written and concise.

For the self defense gig. I would add a video demonstrating what people can expect from your gig. In the second paragraph you may want to change the end to " However, I DO still train to this day, and I know enough of the style to get out of many dangerous situations."

The 3rd gig looks good. I’m wondering if you may want to start with something like “Even the best musicians can get stuck writing a song. Let me help you with that!” Or something of that flavor.

Hope that helps,



Reply to @psychedelicpup: I actually planned on recording a somewhat humorous intro video for the self-defense gig. In the meantime, I wanted to see if there might be something I could do with the phrasing to get some sales out of it.

As for the changes you recommended to the text in both gigs, I am going to implement those immediately. Thanks!



I posted my 3 gigs:

  1. fiverr.com/fatechnology/change-any-colors-your-photos

  2. fiverr.com/fatechnology/create-and-format-a-powerpoint-presentation

  3. fiverr.com/fatechnology/do-remove-background-your-photos

    First gig I got message but client is immature so I can’t accept it as you read my post discussion I tell explain why client is immature, see my posted: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/17387/client-message-me#Item_10

    Second and third link, tell me your suggest.

    Thanks for the help


Reply to @fatechnology: Hi,

I actually messaged you a small correction on the first gig after reading that forum post. I’ll look at the other 2 now :slight_smile:


For your profile… "I have 7 years experience in…"

On your remove background gig. There’s a few errors. You may want to change to…

"I am an individual Services provider with over 7 years of image / photo editing experience.

I can remove the background and edit up to 2 photos for $5.

All you need to do is send the high resolution photo in jpeg / bmp / png or any other photo file format and clear instructions of how you’d like your photo edited.

Tell me the details of the editing you would. What things you’d like fixed or changed and/or what background you want. Would you like it transparent, white or some other color?

Please let me know and I’ll be sure to satisfy your needs."

On the PowerPoint gig.

"I am happy to help and support you with your PowerPoint Presentation.

I will approach your project in the following ways:"

at the end…

"One gig will get you up to 50 slides including animations and images."

I hope that helps,



Thanks for the help Brian! :slight_smile:


Reply to @psychedelicpup: Hopefully I will get my gigs.


Great suggestions. Take a look at my timelapse anything gig when you get a chance. I feel like it’s maybe TOO wordy.

I appreciate any help :slight_smile: