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I'll help you edit your profile or gig descriptions for no charge. [ARCHIVED]

hi there… i am new to fiverr pls help me out how to promote my gig… thnx

Reply to @psychedelicpup: Sorry! I never saw this reply! Could you please review my transcription, song, and blog comments gigs? Thank you!

Please this is my link help me out with it

Hi, can you please suggest me for my profile and gigs? -!!


I expect your help to review my profile and gigs.

I will be patient for your review.

Thank you so much bro. :slight_smile:


I must thank you for this generous initiative on your part. I’m new to Fiverr, can you see my profile and my concerts? Thank you in advance.


I’m Japanese and very sure my English description is not natural, but besides that, I’d like you to give me any advises about my gig description and profile. Thanks for your time and kindness!

How can I add extra gigs to my current gig? I don’t see an option for that. Thanks.


Okay. I know I am super late here. But could anyone please give me suggestions on improving my gigs?

Thank You.

Make your own thread in the “Improve My Gig” category, and sure.

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Okay. I’ll do that. Thank you so much