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I'll make for you a comic like illustration! Start price 10$!

I’m new on Fiverr, but not new on commission!
This is my gig link

What you can obtain with my gig?
One Character Half Body with a simple design and background for 10$!

Do you want more details?
Easy! You can take medium or complex package! It’s good for Mecha and Steampunk, Gothic dresses and other styles.

What do I do and what no?
I do basically everything (I won’t draw Hentai/Porno, Horror/Splatter/Monsters, Satanic) also Furry, Mature Content (Like Nudes and Mature Romance), Yokai/Spirits

Extra Services:

  • Extra Figures (Max 3 Characters)
  • 3 days delivery (Standard delivery: 7 days)

Cya soon