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I'll make your baby's clothes! premature upto an year old!

Hello everyone! I’ve been a mother of three for long enough to finally have time to myself now, I mostly do sewing, needlepoint and make other items of clothing for little ones. It would mean a lot to me if you would please visit my gig, and maybe give some tips on how to be better. Thank you!

Wow, I just needed such things. Thanks for sharing.

Old thread, but anyway indeed there are many cool things. In general, I adore small children and I have three little girls at home and I always insist on being informed and doing everything in my power to make everything good for them and to see them happy. I especially like to dress them like princesses and admire them and from here I usually find the best clothes. Although my husband says that I spend too much money on clothes, I do not agree and I think that every child should be well dressed and beautiful.