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I'll promote anything like a madman for $5 - content promotion gigs

Hi ya fellow fiverr-ers!

Do you ever feel like your business could and should do better? Well, luckily for you you’ve come to the right place.

I’m here to help with content promotion for your website. I’ve been on this platform offering my services for about a week and the first reviews I got for my work are just marvelous - check my gigs to see for yourself.

I currently offer 5 different gig with one still waiting for the finishing touches before it goes live. I don’t leave anything to chance. I use some custom build scripts and until they aren’t finished they stay in my computer.

The gigs I offer are:

Keyword research gig (

This is my bread and butter gig. I’ve invested a lot of time and developed a little script that does the preliminary work for me. After that all keywords are manually checked by me and I select the most promising keywords.

Find a niche, with keywords (

This a nice little gig where I try to find interesting and profitable niches for peoples websites. A lot of the time people screw this step when starting a business and they start with too broad of a market. It’s better to start small and make a killing in the fish pond you’re in. The ocean will come later. :wink:

Content ideas - 2 different gigs ( and (

This is where real content marketing begins. I’ve developed a few nice tricks that help me find interesting, eye catching titles for articles and blog posts. This is a crucial step in building a business. The web is becoming field with quality content and to stand out in the crowd you need to attract the readers attention.

Most popular blog posts (

In this gig I look for 10 of the most popular web posts ever made about a certain topic. If you know this information you can easily create something similar that you know your audience will love. This kind of content also has a good chance it will go viral.

So here it is, my business in 4 paragraphs :slight_smile:

I also accept custom orders, so if you’d like something that’s not listed in any of my gigs please contact me and we can work something out.

Do you maybe have some suggestions about the work I offer?

Or even better, do you have a gig suggestion? I was thinking about starting a gig about a complete content promotion strategy, where I would offer people my help from start to finish.

Let me know what you think.

See ya