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I'll really appreciate your help

Hello fellow fiver sellers, I am a new user and I have noticed that a lot of established older sellers are advising the newer sellers to apply for “buyer requests”. Would you kindly explain how to apply for a buyer request and what makes a buyer request stick out and look professional and desirable for buyers?

I would also really appreciate it if you could check my profile and gigs and tell me if anything could be improved to attract buyers.

Thank you for your time :heart:


Hey, Ayakhalifa!

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Do you need help with finding the actual requests, or just with writing responses to them?

I need help with finding the requests. And it would be great if you tell me what worked for you while writing the requests. For example, writing style or what you stated?

scroll over the “more” tab at the top of your screen :slight_smile:


Switch to Selling on the Fiverr main page and then click More.

You will find Buyer Requests in the drop down menu.

If you still can’t see it you need to reduce the zoom in your browser settings on the right hand side.

This may also be helpful to you: