I'll tweet your gig to my 5000 twitter followers


i’ll tweet any gig of everyone collect my gigs (especially this one —> http://fiverr.com/skhirimed/build-a-html5-website-for-you-with-an-extraordinary-design ) to my 5000 twitter followers :slight_smile:


done :slight_smile: i hope you all get orders soon cheers :smiley:


thank you i’ll tweet the links now and add hashtags to more expose them :slight_smile:


just tweeted them ! :slight_smile: see my tweets @agent47____ and i added hashtags i hope you¨all get orders have a nice day


I collected all your gigs, pls can u tweet my gig. Thanks. :slight_smile:


We have collected all of your gigs! Please collect our proofreading gig. :slight_smile:



Collected :slight_smile:




I’ve collected all your gigs,please tweet my gig:


and if you wish so this one too:




Please tweet out:



I did collect all your gigs, could you please tweet mine?


Thank you very much,

God bless you



okayyyyy thank you all :slight_smile:


I collect 3 of your gigs.

I hope you can tweet for me, when you have time.


Thank you


ofcourse qt_japan i’ll tweet it with hashtags :slight_smile:


Hi, your gig is in my collection: Best Social media promoter

Please tweet mine http://fiverr.com/burebista/make-a-video-submission-for-you-on-the-most-high-ranking-video-sharing-sites-and-more-than-this

Thank you,


done :slight_smile:


I just collect all of your gigs, please tweet mine:


Thank you :slight_smile:


just tweeted hagidb have a nice day and thank you :slight_smile:


Hey Skhirimed, Great gigs! I wish you all the success with them! I have collected 4 of your gigs, would you mind tweeting mine at http://fiverr.com/motionkey . or if you tweet only one please use http://fiverr.com/motionkey/for-limited-time-compose-this-amazing-video-using-your-logomessage .Much appreciated. All the best to you.



thank you motionkey :slight_smile: i’ll tweet more than one :slight_smile: you can check my twitter if you want @agent47____ have a nice day and thnx for collecting :D/


done motionkey hope you get orders soon! :slight_smile: