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I'll write articles, blog posts, essays, SEO and much more!


I’ve been writing as a hobby for quite some time now. Recently I’ve taken an interest in monetizing my work in order to finance my studies. To do so,
I’ve opened my Fiverr account, where you can get 100% original content for as low as 5$! So I have a 5* rating and I wish to keep it that way so please feel free to contact me!
Custom offers are also an option in case the service doesn’t exactly suit your needs, so do feel free to contact me!

My gigs:

Article/Essay/Blog writing:…/write-any-kind-of-article-blog-pos…

SEO content writing:…/be-your-seo-content-writer

Many thanks!


Offering academic help i.e. essays (your gig) and school projects (your gig description) is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Essays aren’t only reserved to academic purposes, and I never specified that I’d do any “school project” related order in my gig. However, due to having it since the beginning, (when I still didn’t know it was forbidden, which is why I had my first gig fail to go active) I did have it on my profile description, which I have therefore changed.

Thank you for the heads up.

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If you type “essay gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

Will leave this with you.

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Once again, thank you for your heads up, I’ll act accordingly.

Science is very, very tricky to create a Gig for. Also, it is in your profile description that “school projects” is specifically mentioned, with “projects” in one of your Gig descriptions, too.

There are certain words that can be misconstrued, and certain things that cannot be offered for integrity reasons (i.e., doing school projects). It would be a good idea to remove those words.

So, do you mean that the word “essay” isn’t necessarily a red flag? Whereas words such as “project” might be? If so, it should be fine right? As I’ve changed my personal description in order to take the word “project” off of there. I’ve also taken out “school project” off of my personal description.

“Essay” might still cause it to be denied eventually. A lot of it has to do with context and if a buyer can read the description and think, “This guy will do my academic work.”

If they can get that impression, then it will probably be denied eventually. I’ve had one denied, though, just for using the word academic to describe the level of readibility.