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I'll Write You 3 16 Bars of Lyrics Over Any Rap Beat. (max 3 verses)


Thanks to anyone who even bothers to read this, lol.

I love writing lyrics and it’s grew into a passion over 3 years and I’ve had a barrage of ideas come into my head and I don’t think I’m going to be turning any of them into songs anytime soon. So, I might as well give them to people for a little bit of revenue.

Even if I don’t get any customers (or whatever the terminology is on Fiverr) I think I get why, not many people want to be given lyrics, they want a full song. But still, if you feel generous then try it out, I’ll try my hardest to write you something that is worth your 5 dollars.

Thanks for reading, tho.


Well now I’m actually writing 3 verses all 16 bars because well, 16 bars is pretty small and probably not worth the $5 so I guess I could do 48 bars.

EDIT: here’s one of my verses but it’s not anything special as I can probably go 10x better than this but I was writing for fun and I’m not really into sharing my own verses that I do use.

We can talk about equity, no money for the poor

Homeless and starving refugees, world’s tore

Bloody store registries, getting money from gore

Unlikely for checks, so forget about the Nike’s

They got my psyche with asterisks

Psychiatric, so they sleep on me like a mattress

Complex like 3x3’s, magic solvent, no hat trick

Dissolve you so you gotta salute, what truth is

Leave others loosened, shook Deep without a Mobb

Y’all corny, searching for rhymes on the cobb-web

When my end rhyme is the corniness I said

You can’t digest it like the enzymes

Yeah, and you know I fend with my mind

Leave you on the other side of burning rubble

Call me trouble, but I thought it wasn’t subtle

My consciousness intermixed with common sense

Leave my danger pretty obvious

this was to the Dead Presidents by Jay-Z beat. I can write to classics or new school that your friends or you made.


Do you still do this ?