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Illegal cancellation


My buyer cancelled my order and I got a message from fiverr that it was mutually terminated, I didn’t get any complaints from him/her before the cancellation


Did it happen before the order was complete or after? If it was after the order was complete, especially if it was a while after, the buyer may have initiated a PayPal chargeback. If so, Fiverr would have banned their account so you can look to see if their account is gone. That is the usual punishment to a buyer that files a chargeback.


What is a chargeback


after the order has been completed it’s 6 days after completion now


I also had suffer from this in my first order and still now my account is showing -4$ for the cancellation of order . :frowning::disappointed_relieved:


Chargeback is when your buyer complained to PayPal and then PayPal has the money returned to the buyer. :confused:


what kind of complaint is that?


All the buyer has to do is tell PayPal they did not get what they ordered and PayPal does a Chargeback. Meaning they take the money the buyer paid Fiverr on your behalf back.


Seriously - a chargeback for $5?

I’m so sorry this happened to you for your first order. I hope your next ones go better for you.


Sorry, it isn’t common and especially on a first order, but it happens. You can ask Support but for a $5 order, they may just tell you to move on. Your next order will cover the negative and then you’ll be okay. Good luck.


100% agree with you. But fiverr need to provides security his sellers. Everyday lots of seller face this problem. All seller provides quality service, but fiverr security mistake reason seller don’t get their money. Also this cancellation hampered in his 60 day analytics. I think fiverr need to update it.


And I have been unable to message the so called buyer because he’ has not been blocked


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@pastor_jason Are you contact in customer support to solving your problem?


fiverr getting rude day by day for the sellers


:astonished: Thank you, I did not know that at all


How do I contact customer support


Customer Support Here


It’s ok my friend I will work hard and get other orders soon .


May it will be good for next thank you