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"Illegal characters in title"

Hi. I’m trying to publish my first gig, and I’m stuck on a mysterious snag. Each time I try to publish, I get an error message that tells me I’ve used illegal characters in my title. My title is: “I will write a short poem on a topic of your choice.” I don’t know what could possibly be illegal about that, characterwise. I’ve tried writing euphemisms like “I will compose a brief epistle on a subject that you fancy,” but to no avail: Fiverr is still telling me my title is illegal.

Help a brother out, anyone?

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

Hi there,

In your title… are you actually writing out “I WILL”? If so, that could be your issue, as Fiverr already gives you that as your starting point. That’s the only issue I could see actually being an issue unless you have quotation marks in there too.

Good luck

Here to help a brother out, take out the Full Stop “.” (or Period if you’re on the other side of the pond)

Remove the dot at the end. It allows only “,”. Othere special characters are not allowed.

every time I click the publish button this comes up- Title can not contain ‘I will’ or 'for $5’

As they already have given ‘I will’, I wrote after and had completed the sentence without ‘.’ still it’s not working