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Illegal request

I have had request to use, including browse in internet for images with copyright protection.
I am afraid if somebody ask me to do similar task and I cancel to do this.
How this will affect my performance?
Is there any admin watching out for issues like this and deleting bad performance due to illegal requests.


If you cancel an order then your completion stat will take a hit. While no one can say for sure, most experienced sellers agree that an imperfect completion stat does affect where your gig appears in search results, which obviously affects orders placed.

The safest thing to do is ask customer support to cancel an order. You will need to briefly explain why you believe it needs to be cancelled - for example, breaks Fiverr’s terms of service, or illegal request, etc. Customer support can cancel an order without it affecting your competition stat.

Thank you for advice.


You will have good and bad experiences whether you are working as a seller or shopping as a buyer. There are two ways to prevent a cancellation from negatively impacting your performance or gig ratings.

One is to dispute the order through the resolution center and mutually agree to cancel. Secondly, you can engage a member of the fiverr support team to initiate the cancellation on your behalf after providing the basis on which you have made the request.

You can request that the buyers make contact with you going forward to communicate exactly what they need before ordering your gig as a preventive measure. During the back and forth conversation if an illegal request is made or something that is against fiverr’s terms of service then you could respectfully decline.