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Illegal services on fiverr [ANSWERED]


I am an amazon FBA seller.************ this fiverr account from Bangladesh is providing some illegal services openly.It’s offering ranking amazon product directly to the first of search result page using some illegal method which is also opposed to amazon policy.Competetors of me from are using this service and my business is getting worst day by day for them.Please take action immediately against this account and accounts like that profile exists on otherwise i’ll file my case against fiverr and and that kinds of accounts on fiverr soon.

Mod Note: Naming other users in this way is not allowed on the forum. If you have any concerns about gigs and services offered by sellers on Fiverr you should contact customer support with evidence of your claim.


Hi there!

Could you please edit your post to remove the username - it’s against the ToS - thank you!

Nothing we can do I’m afraid - this is a Fiverr user forum.

Have you tried contacting Customer Support?


Please contact Customer Support with proof of your claims.

I suggest that you contact Fiverr Customer Support at

This post on How to Submit a Ticket has more info if you need it: