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Illegal title error

I’m trying to set up my first gig. I get past the first pager, set up my 3 options and then when saving it says my title is illegal. I changed it multiple times and then each time I have to re-enter all infor on the next page just for me to have to change the title again. I have used no symbols, I’ve used three different sets of words and started with the word “do” as one other post suggested. Nothing seems to be working. Any ideas?


Have you made sure you’re not using any full stops/periods and that only letters/numbers/spaces/commas are used?

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I’d also add that if you’re trying to put any emojis in there, that will trigger it as well.

Edited to add: can you paste what’s triggering the error in here? Maybe if we knew exactly what was going in we could offer insight.

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Yes, no punctuation or emojis are used.
These are my titles:
do 2d digital design from your paper sketches
do 2d digital design
do paper to 2d digital design

all have given me “illegal” errors

Maybe it could be talking about a package title or the title of an extra rather than the gig title.

I just tried entering something invalid in the gig title and the error there was “Title can contain letters and numbers only”.

If you’re pasting text in from something like word into the gig description or other places that might cause problems if it’s not being pasted as plain text.

Maybe a screenshot might help. Or you could contact CS as they should know (but it might take days).

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Perhaps try changing “do” to “create” and then try changing “2d” to “two-dimensional” - see if that helps?

It must have been the punctuation in the smaller fields not the main title. It’s all working now. Thank you for your speedy help.


Huzzah! I’m glad everything worked out well :slight_smile:

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