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Illustration. Do you want to be a cute character?


Hi guys :slight_smile:
I’m an aillustartor and i’m trying to promote my gig. I like to create your characters in my personal style. Unfortunately i can post only three images for show you what kind of service i can give you…
so here there is another work that i made

hope you can like it.
If you are interested go to check my gig here.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


loved it. :heart_eyes:


Awesome work!
You can probably fit 2-3 characters side by side on one image

You can also create more gigs with a different theme. Like do one set with Christmas theme or something like that to pull in seasonal traffic


thank you! :slight_smile:


Thank so much! I will try to follow your tips :slight_smile:


Wow Wow Wow !!! i am really amazed !
i really liked your artwork.
this is simple and amazing !


thank you so much! :blush: