Ilussion "adsense safe" and how to buy quality traffic


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Guys, if u read this for sure u already order some gigs to buy traffic.
I try to explain u this ilussion about “ADSENSE SAFE” and why some accounts adsense its banned.
Lets say u order from me traffic. After couple days u will be banned by adsense .
For sure u will say its because my traffic was bad .
Adsense never dont banned anyone because the traffic its bad or not.
They dont care about your traffic.They care about money.
Think about this : if u want to f*ck your competitors … u can just simple order some bad traffic and that competitors will lose adsense account .
But its not like that.
Adsense banned the accounts BECAUSE u have invalid clicks on ads and mix with some parameters about the past activity of that account.
Adsense lose money and customers if they pay u.

So all the time u will lose your account adsense just because u order traffic IN THE PAST and receive invalid clicks on ads, not because for couple days u order one new gig.
So google adsense analyzes account adsense activity and if they see more time invalid clicks per long time.
Also must to know google its one big company , some auto tools , robots analyzes automatically all activity … in more of cases its just wrong decisions.
Maybe someone will write one article about this :slight_smile:
In 2017 all people use smart phones to navigate on internet so they click on display quicly to close pages or accidentaly on ads. ADSENSE ROBOTS WILL CONSIDER INVALID CLIKS

So dear buyers … that marketing ilussion about “adsense safe” its means …nothing. If in the past u receive already invalid clicks, adsenese soon or later will banned your accounts.

How to buy quality traffic ?
My advice its to buy fast traffic. Like that u can analyse fast.
All the time when u order something for 30 days u lose. Because in that 30 days u improve yourself , make sales or convert and u remain will the illusion … ah traffic from there its better :))
I explain u.
Lets say u order 30k visits in 30 days delivery. Its means 1000 per day. Lets say u have good result. Logical its to order 30k per day dont u think ?
And now be smart. If u order more , the seller of traffic win more. But that seller still send low traffic for 30 days even if it could grow earnings. Answer yourself please :wink:

I hope now you would have an idea about how it works adsense and how u order traffic.
Sorry for my english.


The below is taken from Google’s own site regarding adsense and invalid traffic.

Common reasons AdSense accounts are disabled for invalid traffic

Generating or receiving automated or bot traffic
Artificial impressions and clicks that are generated through automated means such as a bot or deceptive software, are prohibited. Automated traffic can be generated by a publisher, or can be received through purchased traffic. It’s important to review traffic sources before you decide to work with a traffic source. Be aware of programs that check links within your site, YouTube channel, or app, as they may click on ad links as well.
Using an incentivized traffic source
Publishers should not use third-party services that generate clicks or impressions such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, autosurf and click-exchange programs.


your case its very clear … bots = ips proxy … and hosting company of vps
and also that account adsense for sure was new :))


I did not get an Adsense account suspended, what I have posted above is simply Google’s rules.
As you posted something that seems like it is giving advice, I thought it would be good to show what Google actually says about traffic. I have literally copied and pasted it from their site and it gives good advice, especially:


lets be honest , google have old policy :slight_smile: to old


:smiley: you know better about Google than Google’s own policy?


:)) lets talk about SEO ?


But the topic is adsense?


was ironic question :slight_smile: google its to big and change the policy