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Im a 15 year old artist and I would appreciate feedback:)

Hi, I have always had a passion for illustration, especially fashion wise. I recently opened my profile in hopes of earning a little cash and spreading my love for fashion illustration. But I don’t really know how to be popular and attract customers when my account is hardly noticeable, please check my account out and give me some advice, that would mean the world to me. Thank you and have a good day :slight_smile:

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hi @pardis_draws Nice gig so far :wink: You can also create T-shirt design related gig too. The marketplace is too competitive now. It’s a little hard to get a job when your profile is new. You can try on Buyer Request section. After getting some sells your Gig will be up on the search. And you will get more order :wink: More order and you will be more popular.
Visit the forum regularly and read all discussions, and for now, you can listen to this

thank you so much for your advice! :slight_smile:

you are an amazing artist! Like insanely talented! I’d suggest that to start out, check out other people’s gigs that are successful in your category of illustration and see what they do, do it better, offer a great price, and I’m sure you’ll be on your way to selling some art here : )
It might take some time though, so try not to have any expectations. Just make sure your gigs look professional without any grammatical errors. Put your best work on display and in time you’ll find some buyers.
I’m not sure if you are allowed to link to your instagram account on your profile unfortunately, because Fiverr doesn’t allow any communication outside of the platform. But since it is basically like a portfolio for you, it might be an exception, so maybe double check with customer support. (I’m gonna follow you anyways, I like good art). However since art is so popular on instagram, it might be a great way to market your fiverr services on there. All the best!

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thank you for the feedback and support :slight_smile: I will double check with customer
support, and I’ll check out successful accounts to get some inspiration:)


Amazing Work Lady.

Keep applying for Buyer Requests on daily basis. Be sure that you can do that work before taking a project. Always mention in the Buyer requests that you are willing to provide any work sample if they need.
Keep the communication thorough and take the Seller into confidence and I am sure they will return.

You are such a talented person, I am confident you have a bright future.

So, Keep the good work and Best of luck.


Clients can always look through your portfolio to get a feel for your style and custom samples should be paid as well.

Last thing you want is for people take advantage of you. Make sure to watermark your work samples on your gig if you haven’t done it yet. Good luck on Fiverr ;).

You are right as this gig is related to designing works.

However, when it comes to writing works; buyers keep on asking for your work samples.