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Every problem has a solution.
If you have a problem with time. You can first discuss about this problem with the seller, maybe the seller work according to your time or maybe you can find a time period where both feels comfortable to work with each other.

There are just as many or more satisfied or happy buyers on Fiverr than dissatisfied. Too bad you want to categorize all sellers based your experience with website development. I never had a buyer give me a 5 star rating unless they felt I deserved it. Usually their praises came before they even did the feedback but the rating system is legit based on that’s buyer experience with a seller and the project involved. Otherwise, why would a seller give a 5 star rating unless they felt the service deserved it. I know I didn’t point a gun at the buyer’s head and say “rate me 5 stars or else”. The seller has zero leverage over how the buyer rates them.

I wish you luck in your journey.


Well, a LOT of us are very reputable. Sorry you had bad experiences with some. You can always filter your search settings and also read reviews of the sellers.


Sshhh… Don’t give away our secret tactics! :slight_smile:


@eoinfinnegan You just earned your keep for the month on that reply! A pint for you and treats for the pooches.


I would offer advice, but it would probably all be untrue.


You’ve hired quite a few sellers from Fiverr and several of them received 5-star reviews. That should be proof enough that not all sellers lie.

Hire a local agency then.

Time difference is never an issue if your seller knows how to manage a project. Besides, if you have provided detailed requirements then you shouldn’t need to contact your seller every few hours. One update per day or every few days should be enough. If it’s not then you or your seller isn’t communicating effectively.

Hiring the right people for the job is a skill. If you didn’t do your homework and ended up with sellers who were not up for the task, then maybe you should reconsider your budget or the interview process.


I’m sorry about your experience, friend. Maybe treating the buying experience on Fiverr in the same manner you would do it in person may be the solution for you. In the “real world” I buy website design and development a few times a week, and it can takes days or more before I find someone right for my project.

Or I’d look at it the way I buy on eBay: I look for reputable sellers with a verifiable track record, who answer questions thoughtfully and are proactive BEFORE I give them my money and business. It’s no different for me than conducting a job interview.

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