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I'm a buyer. How do I mark a job as complete and leave a review?

At the moment the job is marked as “very late” because I can’t find where to mark it as complete. God I hate Fiverr!

Look under SHOPPING > My Shopping. You see columns and a drop down. Is the delivery there? Possibly waiting for your review? - See more at:

Hi, Thanks for getting back so quickly.

The only dropdowns are the categories and filters. I’ve attached a screenshot if that’s any help

No problem Bud!

Ok, your gonna want to click on the actual Gig…its not shown above but to the left of July 4th. You can click on it to view your order. It will be the title of the gig. A bew page will open/load. Your then gonna want to scroll to the bear bottom of that page and BAM…there’s your spot to mark as completed and review your seller.

Reply to @thejeffcallaway:

Hmmm. It just shows the message list, then the footer. I’ve followed kjblynx’s advice to get the seller to click the deliver now button. Thanks for your help mate.


I’ve messaged him. I want to give him a good review. I posted a gig, but then solved the problem myself. Sine he’d already started looking at the issues and advised on a different issue I had I want to let him have the money, even though technically I did it myself. Plus, as I said, he did give me some advice.

Thanks for your help.