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I'm a buyer. Is it possible to reverse a cancellation? (SOLVED)

I ended up finding the area to submit a support ticket. Just needed to select the “General Inquiry” thread.


I messed up and feel terrible.

I requested a gig without knowing it’s normal to first discuss the job. I thought you submit an order and then discuss the details.

It ended up not working out (my fault) and the job needed to be canceled. I thought it just nullifies it.

The person I hired had a perfect profile with 57 five-star ratings, and I accidentally messed it all up.

I’ve been through all the help and tried contacting Fiverr, but there is no option to do so.

How can I fix this??


I wish every buyer was like you! Stay happy

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There’s nothing you can do. Other than move on.

There’s got to be someone on the back end in support who can fix this. Otherwise there’s be no way to fix people who just submit orders and cancel without reason.

I’m a fool I know - but I can’t be the only fool that starts off with the big green button instead of contacting someone first. It’s not even a major CTA.

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I think this should be the seller’s job to do, as CS may give him a warning if you do it, but it is possible to have the cancellation not affect the seller’s profile if you’ve both cancelled the order mutually.

Tell the seller to head to the support link ( and select “Fiverr Orders and Buyers,” cancellation will be the first thing. Have him follow the steps and ask if CS can remove the cancellation from his profile by explaining what happened.

I’ve done this twice now in the last month and CS has always come through.

Hi, @crawf1ac

You can contact support and explain to them in detail what happened. They can change the numbers to seller. You just have to be very clear, use proper English, give details on what and when they happened, write in paragraphs.

I know it sounds like crazy talk, but I used proper English with CS and I get a response in 1 hour when I come here and read people do not receive a response in days.

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I was not able to find any contact information for them. I went through all the support links, but it just offers pre-filled answers. Also tried Googling things like “Fiverr Support” and “Fiverr Live Chat Support” etc

Thank you - I tried looking at that as well (I am the buyer, but I tried looking at the seller end as well since they are from a different country and his English isn’t 100%). It ends up just directing me to another pre-filled support page. There is no option to submit/dispute anything. I will keep checking.

At the bottom there should be a “Contact Us” button. It should then take you to a drop-down list of options that you select.

Send a mail to

That’s the easier way to reach Fiverr’s support.

You have a good heart. I wish there was more people like you out there.


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I appreciate you saying that. I can only imagine how nightmarish buyers can be sometimes. The seller was also crazy nice. I offered a partial payment for his time and they said it was unnecessary and it’s ok. Pretty crazy! Hopefully they weren’t just worried of breaching a Fiverr rule.

I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for 6+ years. I believe I had around 200+, maybe 300 cancellations only from people that just order stuff without reading the description…

That’s horrible. I don’t know why these systems are designed so poorly in the buyer’s favor.
The main CTA being first and green makes the “contact seller” link look like it’s something you do when you’re already working with them.

I don’t understand, can’t you contact them now and then just order again?

Fiverr was designed with the idea that buyers can order (preferably after reading the gig description), send the required information (should be available on the order page), and get what they need. Browse-buy-done.

But it’s not always the best way, because the seller might not be able to do what you need, and because the clock starts ticking as soon as you start the order.

That’s why some sellers prefer being messaged first, especially if they offer services that aren’t straightforward. They usually write “contact me before ordering” in their gig description.

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The issue is fixing their account back to 100%, as it was before my bonehead self messed it up.