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I'm a buyer, so I am a GOD or BOSS?


Well some people are rude,it’s their loss because in the end nobody would buy from them again.


Amen …

Another thing that chaps me and prompted me to make a 3 page post in the buyer’s tip section was this…

Buyers sometimes reject the order when it’s completed well. They reject it for modification and additions. And when we say “Sure thats fine , lets complete this order first since it’s been done successfully for the cost specified” – They reject it again and again.

We just try to follow protocol. You order, we deliver. You like it , accept it.

Dont use the reject button to make changes … the reject button is for something not being delivery via the original terms + cost of the order.

Drives me absolutely up the wall when buyers just want to make their own rules here.

@atiqbd4ever - Move on from those people the best way you can.

  1. Its better for your account to just reject the order yourself and be done with the client… give them the refunr and ignore the client.
    Why? - Because if you have significant problems with them… chances are you are going to get a bad rating. And that bad rating isnt worth $5 , $10 , $15 , or Even $20 sometimes. Its just not worth it …

  2. The best way to do this would be to start by offering the cost of whatever they want (if they wanted an addition to the order or change) … Utilize the order screen to add to the order for their new requirements… And right after you send that … Cancel the order…

When they see it , they’ll be able to either accept the order cancellation and be done with you… or they will accept the extra cost and maybe they wont rate you bad… MAYBE …

Hence why I’d just go with option 1 anyway…

If a buyer is a pain in the ass … get them out of your life as soon as possible. Right from the start …


As in our case as well. Big spenders tend to treat you much much better and come back for more. The little $5 - $10 -$15 people mostly drive me nuts. It actually falls off after $10 significantly … I mean … most people willing to spend at least $15 wont really give me a hard time…

If someone has an issue with an extra $5 charge to the order for some extra that they want (and it’s clearly outlined in the gig how much it costs) … Then it may be better off to just cancel the order. As they WILL be a problem buyer. No doubt.


Actually i like too much talking (Friendly Taking) with my buyers. So when i like talking they become my friends. They bring me more work and tip also :slight_smile: So talk to buyers Send them similes with you messages like these :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :). These little symbols only can show that you are a honest and good behavior person. Otherwise just with simple dry text you can’t prove that what kind of you are :slight_smile: :smiley:
So what you are feeling about me with this message :slight_smile: When i am sending similes with my message definitely you are thinking that i like fun and i am good behavior :slight_smile: Yes you are right. So explain yourself instead of just talking rude only about order.

Gave them some good advise about their business. They (buyers) will come close to you.

I you are really solving their problems you are helpful for them and no one is loosing any helpful person.

I will say again that these simple :slight_smile: similes are saying about you a lot :smiley:
Thank You :slight_smile: