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Im a buyer who wants to urgently cancel negative feedback


I gave one star review by mistake . I simply pressed wrong star and need to urgently change it as the work done was the best ever. Please advise on how i can urgently withdraw…delete…redo this review…im so desperate as the work done was the best ever


Contact customer support, give them the order # and let them know what happened and that you would like to change the rating as you make it by mistake, hopefully they will let you fix it.


Correct, just contact Customer Service and they will open the ranking feature so you can make the change. It happened to me recently and I was able to change the ranking for a gig I purchased.


Or you can ask your seller to press the resolve button on the order page and ask him/her to proceed with review modification request.

Then you will get notification that your seller want to request for review modification, accept it and change it to any star you want.

Hope this help.